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Managing Athletic Equipment

Role of an Athletic Equipment Manager These days managing an athletic equipment operation is akin to running a business; being responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory and maintaining a budget. Today’s sports equipment manager handles a variety of duties and responsibilities.  There are many top sports management programs that emphasize equipment management.  [...]

Careers as a Winter Sports Manager

Managing Winter Sports Imagine living in Aspen or Lake Tahoe and having an exciting career doing something you love.  Perhaps it is skiing or snowboarding that makes your heart race a little faster, if that is the case working as a winter sports manager in one of these areas could be the career choice for [...]

Special Jobs in Sports that Help Others

Helping Others in Sports While we think of sports as a huge money making machine, it is also a force for good with the large number of charities it supports. Professional sports leagues need to have a large fan base to support them and in return they give back to their community in which they [...]

Highest Earning Positions in Sports Management

What Are the Highest Paid Positions in Sports Management? This industry is highly competitive, but with the right career path it can be highly lucrative as well.  Graduates in sports management have numerous options with a large variety of responsibilities.  The salaries are just as varied with annual salaries of entry-level positions starting at $18,000 [...]

Having Sports Experience Complements a Degree in Sports Management

Experience in Sports Management Pays Sports are no longer just a sport, they are big business worldwide.  This is a very fast growing field, but it is also a highly competitive field.  Sports management programs have exploded in number. In the 1970’s there were just a few programs, and now about 300 universities offer sports [...]